As I am maturing (aka aging), I am realizing the good and bad habits that I have formed over the past 40 years taking care of my skin.  The good and the bad add up so it is important to stop the bad as soon as you realize they are bad and keep up with the good!

I thought it would be fun to share these habits so you can learn from them, both good and bad.

Good Skin Care Habits:

1.  I can count on 1 hand the number of times that I went to bed with makeup on.  Yes even through college!  Did you know that your skin ages 7 times faster every time you go to bed with out washing!  Remember that adds up and when you get to be in your 50’s like I am then it can have a real effect on how your skin ages!

2.  Take the time to pamper your skin by using masks.  I know you may sometimes think you don’t have 10-20 minutes to pamper your skin but the truth is you do.  We all need some down time so why not multitask your down time by masking?  Masking is a real skin refresher and helps rejuvenate your skin.  And by the way, this is the only time when multitasking is good.

3.  Exfoliation.  We all need to exfoliate!  By exfoliating routinely, we are sloughing off all that dead skin that can cause skin issues.  Exfoliation opens your skin up to receiving the added skin care supplements better.  There are many different ways to add exfoliation into your routine and I can help you decide what is better for you.  Virtual consultations are now available.  Click here to schedule your complimentary session:

Bad Skin Care Habits:

1.  I am sort of fair skinned and I hated that growing up.  So instead of using sunscreen, I would prefer to be red from the sun.  I really damaged my skin in high school and college by not wearing sunscreen.  Remember the baby oil and reflective blankets?  Well, needless to say they are not good at all for your skin!!

2.  I wish I would have started using anti-aging products in my 20’s.  I started using anti-aging products at 32 when I started my Mary Kay business and realized that you are never too young to start a good anti-aging skin care routine!

What are some of your good and bad skin care habits?