It’s Summertime – woot, woot!!  I love Summer.  June is probably one of my busiest months of the year and it has been for almost my entire career.  So how do you survive the Summer with your kids at home?  Well, I have some simple tips to help.

My kids are now 23 and 19 but when I started my business, they were just 10 months and 4 years old.  I have worked by business in all different walks of life and I want to share what I have learned, especially for the Summer!

Just this past week, my daughter and I were driving past the public pool that we used to frequent and she said to me, “I remember being their every day in the Summer!”  That was music to my ears because as a small business owner, Summer can be difficult to manage.  We have our business that we need to continue to work and grow but now we have our kids at home.  I wanted it all……..I wanted my business to thrive over the summer and I also wanted to be with my kids and be at the pool.  Now looking back, I see that I did manage to do exaclty that……. have the best of both worlds in the Summer.

Here are my tips to working your business over the Summer with small kids:

1.  Set up a schedule and let you kids know the schedule.  My routine was to wake early like I always did and work till about lunch.  Then EVERY afternoon if it wasn’t raining, we would head to the pool.  My kids knew that if they if their actions (a.k.a. – misbehaving) pulled me from my work, then they would go late to the pool or not at all.

2.  I got a babysitter for one day per week.  It was a Thursday.  I did everything I needed to do that day, grocery shop, errands, work, appointments, etc…..  The babysitter took the kids to the pool like they were used to.  Everyone was happy!

3.  I took my business seriously.  My family and my clients knew my business was important because I did not “let it go” over the summer.  There is NOTHING harder in a direct sales business than to play the rollercoaster game.  Momentum is extremely difficult to get back once you have lost it so don’t lose the momentum over the summer!

Now that my kids are grown, I am very grateful to have spent all of the time that I did with them.  I have no regrets about how I worked my business or how much time I spent with my kids.  With a little discipline and planning, Summer’s can be the best season for both your family and your business!

Please feel free to comment below with any suggestions you may have for juggling a business and kids in the summer.  I’d love to hear!