This particular Blog is for my Mary Kay family.  But, I do think there are lessons to be gained for everyone!

Whether you are a sports fan or not, most people have been witness to a championship game of some sort in their lifetime. The Trailblazer Unit is such a team. It competes in the Final Four, Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby, Indy 500 of Mary Kay, it is called Seminar.

I realize that when you became part of Mary Kay as either a client or team member, you may or may not have known that part —-but now you do. In all championship teams you will find the following:

1. People who live in the city or college town. They didn’t choose to live there because of their championship record but they are proud that they do especially if their team wins. It gives them bragging rights to their friends.

2. People who buy team paraphernalia that shows the world they love the team. That money supports the team.
3. The fans who catch a few games a year if their schedule permits, they love the atmosphere, the excitement, the popcorn and a cool beverage. This is entertainment. Their presence alone supports and encourages the team. The money they spend contributes to the success of the team.

4. The Season Ticket Holders. They adjust their life around the team’s schedule. These people are serious about their team and the players depend on them during the year. They are a big part of the team’s success.

5. The players. They LOVE the game, sometimes they start, sometimes they cheer but they never miss a practice, they never miss a game. They are actively involved and have a big stake in the outcome.

6. The starting team they give it all they have got. They get tired, dirty and sweaty. They have their heart broken if they do not win. It is not the trophy, the money, or the stardom—– IT IS THE WIN THAT MATTERS to them.

Being a part of my unit is exactly the same. Whether you chose it or not— you are in a championship unit. You are a part of that heritage. You can be the consultant that just happens to be in the unit and has bragging rights, the consultant who just loves the stuff and that money supports the unit, the consultant that comes to a few things during the year or maybe sells to a few friends or family, the consultant who arranges her schedule around the unit and national area functions and are serious about the team winning.

However with the close of the seminar year, I invite you to be a player, if you are already a player I invite you to be on the starting team. I invite you to get sweaty, to risk getting injured, to throw your heart over the line and risk having it broken, to run with all that you have in you to 1 AM on June 30th, 2019.

WHY? BECAUSE WE PLAY TO WIN. If winning did not matter we would not keep score.

No one, I mean no one should ever have to apologize for excellence and seeing excellence in others. Your birthright in our unit is that of a Championship Unit. The level in which you choose to be involved is your call.

Buckle your seatbelt, tighten your helmet our year is closing out and your team is going for the WIN!