First of all, I must thank each and every one of you for your support and encouragement with my first Blog post.  I read every single comment many, many times.  You sure do know how to make a girl feel like a million bucks!

Now let’s get to it………
You probably have no idea based on my almost 5’1” stature that I was on a district championship basketball team in High School.  I have always loved sports and played sports and have learned many of my life lessons through sports.  One of the biggest life lessons I have learned happened my Junior and Senior year during basketball.  I am tiny but athletic.  I was a pretty good basketball player, if I do say so myself.  However, because of my small stature, my coach would have a talk with me in the locker room in front of everyone before each game.  Here is how it went…….  Back in the day, pre-game planning happened on a chalkboard in the locker room.  During that session, we would find out what defense we were playing which was usually man to man.  So that means I obviously was covering someone probably much taller than me.  Every single pre-game talk, I was told that if I was unable to cover my “man” that I would be taken out of the game.  I was the only one singled out like that.  It could have made me mad, actually it did make me mad, but I turned that frustration into a positive.  I told myself every game that there was NO WAY I was coming out of the game because of my size.  And I can say I was never taken out due to my small stature.  I may have been taken out for something else but not because I was too small!

That was a great lesson for me to learn at a young age.  No one has power over you.  You have power over you.  I didn’t complain, talk back or go to my parents for help.  I simply showed my coach what I could do over and over and over again.

Another instance I want to share happened when I was early in my MK career.  I was starting to see how I could really make this  Mary Kay thing  a career and I told my husband that I was going to earn a car.  He sort of rolled his eyes at me when I said that.  So, I sprung into action.  I was determined to QUIETLY earn my car.  What do I mean by quietly?  I just went to work without constantly telling him what I was going to do.   I put a plan in place to earn the car and went to work.  I wanted to hand him the keys and totally shock him.  So that is exactly what I did.   Four months later, I earned my very first car in Mary Kay.  In MK you can take cash or the car and I took the cash.  So instead of handing him the keys to a car, I wrote Mike out a check for $350 that month and every month for 2 years!  He was proud of me and excited for me.  That was the point when he took my business very seriously!   (I have sooooo much more to say about husbands supporting your business so stay tuned for a Blog post on this!)

When someone doubts your ability or questions your goals and dreams then I want you to do this:
* put your blinders on,- don’t look left or right, just straight toward your goal
* make a plan in writing, broken down into things you will do daily
* do the work no matter how you feel
* SHOW the world the results!

Do not let the chit chat of others about your goal deter you from making it happen.  The crazier the goal the sweeter the success!
So, remember, when someone tells you that you can can’t, you are going to SHOW them you can!!

Grateful for you,