Have you ever felt like you would be “found out”?  Do you sometimes feel like a fake?  A few years ago when my business was really growing, I was explaining to a mentor that I felt like I was going to be unmasked.  Someone was going to find out that I really wasn’t that good at what I was doing and I would be found out for sure!  She told me about the Imposter Syndrome.  It is a real thing and high achievers often feel this way.  If you have ever felt this way like I did, it is not an uncommon feeling, especially for women and minorities.
So why does this happen.  In doing some research on this topic, I have found that it usually occurs after something good has happened, like a promotion, an award, or a big accomplishment.  That explains why I felt like that after my business had really taken off.
There are 3 different ways you feel like an Imposter.

  1.  You feel like a fake.  You often feel as though the day will come when your cover will be blown.
  2. You feel like you “got lucky”.  You often say to yourself that you aren’t really smart or talented, you just work hard.
  3. You can’t take a compliment.  When someone says something nice about you, you don’t receive it, you try to justify the compliment.

How do you combat this feeling of being an Imposter?  First of all, know that feeling like a fraud is totally normal.  I was relieved to hear that I wasn’t the only one thinking like this.  Remind yourself of ALL that you have accomplished and be proud of it!  Find a mentor to share your feelings with and who will remind you that this feeling is normal.
Now I will say that keeping a little bit of that Imposter feeling is ok.  It keeps you humble and authentically YOU!  When you are really feeling like an Imposter, just know that everyone else is too!

Grateful for you,