The ultimate goal is finding a foundation that looks like your own skin…. only better!  But this can be easier said than done.  I always say that I don’t want you to look like your face went to Florida but your body didn’t follow.

Here are 5 simple tips to help you pick the right foundation:

  1. Find your perfect shade. How?  Get a personalized color match.  Stripe testing on your forearm won’t work because your forearm is a different color than your face.  Try stripe testing from your cheekbone to your hairline to get a good match.
  2. Know your skin’s undertone. Don’t fight against your skin’s natural undertone.  A quick way to figure out what your undertone is to ask yourself these questions:

* Do I tan easily?  If so, you are yellow or olive undertone

* Do I burn then tan?  If so, then you are a neutral undertone

* Do I burn only?  Then you are a pink undertone

**Pro Tip – more mature skin needs a warmer undertone.

  1. Know what coverage level you want. If makeup is not your thing, don’t pick a full coverage foundation.  A powder foundation or a CC Cream may be better for you.
  2. What is your skin type? A more luminous foundation won’t do well on oily skin.  And a matte or powder foundation may not work on dry skin.
  3. Change your foundation seasonally. You probably won’t be able to stick to 1 foundation year round.  Our skin is usually warmer in the summer than the winter.

With so many choices, finishes and coverage levels, foundation is tough to buy.  I would highly recommend a professional foundation matching session.

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