The one thing every busy mom needs is……….  Back to School Survival Kit!

This kit is something that you can keep in your car.  It takes 2 minutes.  Other than the kit, all you need is a mirror – your car mirror!

The truth is that we often rush out of the house for whatever reason.  We hop into our car and realize that we took no time to get ourselves ready!

Maybe after you drop your kids off at school, you want to head to the grocery store or run some errands but you realize that you left the house only brushing your teeth and throwing on a baseball cap.

But then you remember that you have your Back to School Survival Kit so you don’t need to waste time by stopping at home and putting a little makeup on.  You have your kit right in your car!

The Back to School Survival kit is a Ziploc bag, a paper towel and 3 must have products:

* CC Cream
* Mascara
* Lip Gloss

I call these 3 products my “Get cute quick” must haves.  The CC cream evens out your skin tone and protects your skin with SPF.  A little mascara makes everyone look better and then gloss and go for your lips!

And it literally takes less than 2 minutes to do right in your car!

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