The short answer is YES!  And here is why…

Every time you apply that mascara wand to your lashes, then put the wand back into the mascara, bacteria is growing in the tube. You’re contaminating your mascara every time you use it. And although the preservatives in the mascara do their job at first, all the bacteria in mascara means they become less and less effective over time.

The moist, dark environment of the mascara tube is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. If you check the ingredients in your mascara, you will notice the first one is water. The water is necessary to get the right formulation for a mascara that will glide onto your lashes. But water is exactly what bacteria needs to grow.

Mascara can really be problematic, because unlike most water based products, you’re putting the applicator back inside the tube each time. That is why mascara is one of the makeup products with the shortest shelf life, and why replacing mascara regularly is so important.

Knowing that you should replace your mascara every 3 months, would it help if you were automatically shipped a new one when it was time to toss the old one?  I am sure you said YES! And that is where I come in.  Enroll in my mascara club and I will take the guess work out of “is it time to toss the mascara.”

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