We just got back from a glorious vacation to one of our favorite spots, Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach.  The weather was picture perfect!  My sleep however was not.  Now, I could totally blame this on Menopause but when I dove deeper into why I wasn’t sleeping so great, I quickly realized it wasn’t all about Menopause.

It was vacation so my eating habits and quite frankly drinking habits were off.  I was taking in way more sugar than I am used to and having more adult beverages than usual.  Let’s just say I was fully participating in vacation LOL!

It’s easy to blame Menopause for all of our health issues, right?!  But it’s not always the case.  Menopause isn’t always the culprit and it’s important to realize that.  When we start to understand what our body is telling us, we can make changes to fix the issues.

Thanks to seeing an integrative physician who looked at my ENTIRE health picture, I realized how effective and important it is to understand what you do and changes in your environment effect how you feel.  I will say this again….. it isn’t always Menopause that is making you feel bad!

I learned that when allergies are high for me then I have hot flashes way more often.  When I eat to much sugar, my sleep is effected.  The critical question that you must ask yourself before you blame menopause is this:  Did I do anything different yesterday that could have caused my symptoms?  The answer to that question will help you decide if it’s menopause or something else.

I hope this was helpful information.  It’s important to take ownership of our health and make the necessary changes to feel good!  It is not normal to feel bad all of the time