It is the season for us to travel.  My daughter plays college volleyball and we decided to travel to watch her play.  For about 2.5 months we are gone almost every weekend.

To be truthful with you I have never been a good packer.  But over this past year, I feel like I have mastered this task with all of the travel in a short amount of time.

Here are my 3 Must Haves for travel:

1.  A really good suitcase.  I like the hard cover suitcases with the 4 wheels.  They are so easy to maneuver.

2.  A really good toiletry/makeup bag.  Mary Kay’s Travel Roll Up is the BEST.  It has 4 large, see through pockets that Velcro on and off for easy removal (especially helpful if you are flying and not checking bags).  I fill all of my toiletries plus my makeup in that one bag.

3.  Mary Kay’s Facial Cleansing cloths.  These cloths are the BEST!  They are dry clothes with cleanser in them so perfect for travel.  You simply wet the cloth to release the cleanser then wash your face!  I tuck a couple into my top pouch and never have to worry about having enough cleanser in those small travel tubes.   These are great for the gym too!

One other important tip……..  I keep my Travel Roll Up stocked and ready to go.  I have forgotten too many things too many times so I have learned the hard way!

Comment below with some of your favorite travel/packing tips!