Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it’s up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.”– Coco Chanel

I love that quote!  Your skin is definitely different as you age or as I say mature.  THE most important tip is a good skin care routine.  I often refer to the burnt cake example.  If you put icing on a burnt cake, the cake is still burnt!  The earlier in life you start a good skin care routine, the better your skin will be as you age.

1.  Less is more!  You may think you need more foundation because of your more uneven skin tone, dark circles and wrinkles but using more foundation can sometimes accentuate what you are trying to hide!  A light, liquid foundation is a great choice.  My favorite is CC Cream.

2.  Conceal and highlight.  Use a concealer under and on your eyelids to brigthen that area.  Don’t skip the highlighter either just keep it away from wrinkled areas.

3.  Take care of your brows.  As we mature, our brows start to thin.  Use a definer pencil to add to sparse areas and a brow tint to hide the greys.

4.  Play up those eyes!  Use softer colors around the eyes and don’t forget to curl your lashes before putting on mascara.

5.  Don’t forgot those lips.  Just like our eyebrows thin as we age, so does our lips.  Adding in lip liner (your lip color) defines your lips and gives them a fuller appearance.

Embrace your beauty as you age!