The last time I blogged was October.  When I first started this blogging journey, I was so excited and ready to do it then all of a sudden I lost my mojo.  I couldn’t figure out WHY I started to Blog and what drew me to it.

Well, I had a BIG “aha” moment today.  I was blogging for my audience but I wasn’t sure who my audience was.  That is why I stopped cold turkey!

I have been running a direct selling business and I have a lot of “pink keys” to share………with other direct sellers and quite frankly with anyone who wants to learn and grow.  The things I have learned over my time as a small business owner span more than just business……. I have learned so much about life in general.

I had been struggling with sharing information to the public because my focus was too broad.  Although I am honing in on small business owners, the keys I will be sharing are good for many more than just direct sellers.

So a text conversation with a fellow direct seller friend (I am sure she knows who she is), switched on a lightbulb in my head.  My experience is growing a direct selling business in good times and bad, feeling the full effects of the rollercoaster of owning your own business almost daily (especially in these times) and coming out successful in the end.  I wanted to share that with my team – The Trailblazers – and anyone who owns their own business and could use a little encouragement along the way.

I have built a fairly successful business while NEVER compromising what I have been taught of Faith first, Family second and Career third.

Am I the most successful in my business?  Of course not, but I have learned an incredible amount during my almost 20 years and I want to share it with you so you can have LONG TERM success in your business.  Because there is something to be said about longevity in a direct sales business.

So I hope you follow me and are inspired by what I will share.  My goal is to do this at least monthly, maybe more if I feel like I can add value to you.  I will be honest and direct with each Blog.  I am not good at beating around the bush or trying to have you figure out what I am trying to say – I’ll just say it (LOL!)

Thanks for hanging in there with me as I am always learning and growing.