Summertime definitely calls for a revamp of your skin care and beauty needs.  The heat and humidity means lots of sweat.  At least for me, how about you?  And I certainly don’t want to look like a sweaty makeup mess.

So you need products that are long lasting and withstand the heat.  Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks for the summer.

1.  Less is more.  As it gets hotter and hotter out, your makeup should be less and less.  Less makeup is less opprotunity for having a makeup meltdown.

2.  Foundation Change?  You may want to change up the type of foundation that you use.  Maybe a mineral powder or my favorite the heat and humidity resistant creme to powder foundation.

​3.  Primers.  Foundation primer and eye primer.  Primers provide for a base that holds your foundation and eye colors.  Each of these primers are made specifically for foundation and eyes so I don’t recommend using one for both areas.  You need 2 primers.

4.  Finishing Powder and Finishing Spray.  You must have these.  They are amazing products especially the finishing spray!  It’s like hairspray for your face.

5.  Blot.  When it is 100 degrees out or you are in the middle of a hot flash, blotters remove the sweat without disturbing your makeup.

Now don’t sweat it, go enjoy your summer.