In short, YES menopause can effect your sleep.  The hormonal changes in your body disturb your sleep patterns…… flashes during the night, middle of the night headaches and insomnia can be some issues you are facing during menopause.  I would wake up in the middle of the night with a headache and could not get back to sleep.  Needless to say that my already dark circles got even darker!

So you wake up tired and it shows…… on your face.  Your undereye circles are a little darker and your eyes a little puffier.    What can you do to help hide your tired eyes?

Try these 3 tips:

1.  Use a good eye cream morning and night.  Tired eyes need moisture and eye creams are specifically formulated to work on the thin skin around your eyes.

2.  Have you tried eye patches?  These could be a game changer for you!  It’s a big boost of hydration for those tired eyes.  These patches instantly cool, soothe, and depuff tired eyes.

3.  Concealer.  Get a good concealer to help hide the darkness.  I highly recommend the Undereye Corrector.   We call it the Magic Pen because it works like magic to counteract the dark undereye circles.

Menopause causes major changes to our bodies internally and we see the effects externally.  I hope I can help you with some simple tips to correct things on the outside.  If you look good on the outside it will help you feel better on the inside.