As I sat and looked at where I’m heading I felt an old friend come sit right down next to me at my desk.


Do you know this friend too? Are we mutual acquaintances?

Doubt has been a faithful friend to me over the years, it’s kept me safe in a crazy way because when I doubt that means I stop working toward something which protects me from failing.

Then as I sat at my desk I actually muttered these ridiculous words out loud, “I’m just an average person.” Not a makeup guru, not a spring chicken anymore.

My self doubt became so obvious to me once I heard myself speak the words out loud!

The reality is I am on the verge of achieving something in my business I’ve never done before and it’s going to require a new me in order to get it done.

The new Theresa has to break up with a friend…

I’m going to have to end a friendship with DOUBT and replace that relationship with faith.

See I had forgotten that faith means preserving even though I can’t see it yet. Do you struggle with this too sometimes? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Thanks for reading today!