Did you know that only 20% of visible skin aging comes from the natural aging process?

The rest comes from the environment and your lifestyle so let’s talk about the 6 most common skin care mistakes that you should avoid:

1.  Sleeping in your makeup!!  I’ve heard that your skin ages 7 times faster for every night you go to bed without taking off your makeup and I believe it.  Makeup and dirt block pores causing breakouts, blemishes and inflammation.

2.  Skipping the toner.  Toner restores the pH balance of your skin and the MK Refreshing Toner is just what it says…….oh so refreshing!  Give it a try:  https://bit.ly/3e45g1E

3.  Forgetting SPF.  Not wearing SPF can lead to premature aging, wrinkling, sagging and possibly skin cancer.  Gone are the days of baby oil and reflective blankets!!

4.  Popping pimples.  I know it is hard to stay away but you can aggravate your skin leading to scarring and maybe even an infection.

5.  Ditching the moisturizer.  This especially goes out to my oily skin friends.  Your skin needs hydrated.  Oily skin tends to be dehydrated skin.

6.  Using dirty makeup brushes.  Your brushes hold dirt and grime which can transfer to your skin causing breakouts.   I recommend MK Brush Cleaner  bit.ly/3mSxrEN…… it’s a spray bottle that is super easy to use.  For your “wet” brushes (foundation) try Dawn detergent, it works great!

Ladies, the ball is in our court.  Avoid these mistakes for beautiful skin.