It’s March and I am so excited that Spring is right around the corner.  The focus for March is all about your eyes.  Let’s make them POP.  Here are 5 SIMPLE tips to bigger and bolder eyes.

  1. Fill in your brows.  Well defined brows frame your face and bring attention to your eyes.  Use an color or pencil to match your brow color.


  1. Create depth by wearing more than one eye color. Apply a lighter color all over your eye and a darker color in your crease.  If you are of the mature age (over 50) keep the crease color matte.  This will create dimension.  And don’t forget to blend for a seamless transition.


  1. Choose the right eye shadow for you. It’s pretty simple…choose the opposite of your eye color.  I have hazel/green eyes so I use lots of purples and coppers.


  1. Don’t skip the eyeliner. I do have one rule that you must follow.  If you line the top lid, you don’t have to line the bottom (only if you want to), but if you line the bottom lid then you MUST also line the top.


  1. Mascara is a MUST! Curl your lashes and use a black mascara.  Using black makes those lashes look long and thick.  And feel free to use 2 different formulas of  mascara to really make a statement with your lashes.  I often use Mary Kay Ultimate mascara followed by a coat of the Lash Love mascara.


These simple tips will help make your eyes a focal point on your face.  And as you can see they are not hard at all to do.