I am guessing that shopping for foundation is not really enjoyable for you.  It can actually seem somewhat impossible to find a shade that actually matches your skin.  We have all been there!  If you choose one that is not quite right, your skin can look pasty, orange or like your face went to Florida and your body did not follow!  The wrong shade can actually throw off your entire makeup look.

It’s not just knowing your skin tone it is also knowing your undertone!

Here are 2 simple steps to help you determine your skin tone and undertone.

1.  Start out by determining what your complexionis…..Ivory, Beige or Bronze

2.  Then we need to find you undertone.  Ask yourself these 3 questions to help determine your undertone.
a.  Do you burn easily?  Then you are most likely Cool.
b.  Do you burn then tan?  Neutral is probably your undertone.
c.  Do you tan easily?  Then you are Warm.
Please note that all complexions can be either cool, neutral or warm.  For example, someone can be ivory and Warm and someone can be Bronze and Cool.

Now it’s time to find your perfect match!  Mary Kay has 28 brand new shades so I am sure there is a shade for everyone!

A couple of other tips I want to share:
* You will want to have a summer and a winter shade if you tan at all.
* The use of a foundation brush gives you an airbrushed look.
* Using a foundation brush for application actually saves you money.  Your fingers            absorb alot more product so you use less with a brush.
* I recommend stripe testing to ensure you have the right shade.

To book a stripe test with me, click on the link below.  And with technology, you do not have to be local!
Perfect Shade Match Appointment