The truth is that in my almost 19 years with Mary Kay, I have never been more excited about a product launch!

It was a long time in the making but it was worth the wait.  The launch of Mary Kay Naturally is simply a GAME CHANGER

​Here are 10 reasons why I think you will fall in love with this new line:
1.  No Parabens!
2. No Phthalates- actually we have no Phthalates in ANY of our Mary Kay products!
3.  No synthetic dyes or fragrances!
4.  No SlS/SLES – this is used to add foaming or lathering agents to cleansers.  That is why we recommend a cotton pad to use our cleanser because it doesn’t foam.
5.  It is good for ALL skin types!
6. You can add any or all of the products in the Naturally line to your existing anti-aging skin care.
7.  The Naturally line has a shelf life of 3 years – no refrigeration necessary!
8.  Certified by EcoCert- EcoCert is one of several organizations that certifies products as natural according to COSMOS standards!
9.  100% of the ingredients in the Exfoliating Powder, Nourishing Oil  and Moisturizing Stick are derived from natural sources.  99.49% of the ingrediaents in the Purifying Cleanser is derived from natural sources
10.  It has literally changed faces!  My daughter’s skin has never looked so good.  SHe noticed a difference after 1 use and that is no exaggeration!

If you would like more information on this fabulous line and how it can fit into your skin care routine, comment below!