1.  Too much foundation.  Too much foundation can make you skin look heavy and caky.  Sometimes less is more.

2.  Too much concealer.   You could actually be highlighting your wrinkles by going heavy on the concealer.

3.  Too much mascara on your lower lash line.  I actually stay away from mascara on my lower lashes altogether because it could accentuate wrinkles around your eyes and it may even cause shadowing making your dark circles appear darker!

4.  Using the wrong lipstick shade.  Dark shades make your lips appear thinner.  Our lip line is already fading with age so stay away from dark and go with neutral or brighter shades.

5.  Too much liner on your lower eyelid.  This can make your eyes look more narrow.

6.  Over powdering your face.  Too much powder can highlight your wrinkles and make your skin look dry.

7.  Going overboard on the lip liner.  Lip liner is good at defining a fading lip line but using too much and using a dark lip liner will age you.  Stick with a lip liner that is close to your natural lip color.

8.  Skipping blush.  Blush can bring life to your face if used right.  Stick with soft pinks and peaches on your cheeks.

9.  Wrong eyebrow liner shade.  Your eyebrows fade and change color as you age so what worked a few years ago may not work for you today.

10.  Overplucking your brows.  Thin brows are out.  Moderate to a little thicker brows are on trend!

Tips and tricks that used to work for the younger you may actually be adding on the years.  I hope this helps you to look and feel your best!